Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wow. There are wonderful people in this world. The kind of people that everyone should strive to be. On Christmas eve the doorbell rang and the fed-ex guy was there. What on earth did I order that I forgot about. Nothing. It was a gift for us. We received flowers and I received a wonderful "spa" sleigh from a group of ladies that I have never met. How wonderful. There are not words that can express our thanks.

December 22 was 6 months. That is the magic time frame that all the literature says I should start feeling human again. I guess they missed the fact that 6 months might occur near Christmas. One of the ladies I talk to , she lost her daughter 9 years ago, said that they just skipped the holidays. We did not feel that was an option because of the grandkids. How could they understand us taking Christmas from them. So we forged ahead. With limited decor and lots of crying. The loss of the tree added to the un-joy. How could someone? The community again showed us that the "grinch" could not take away the holiday. We were blessed with offers of ornaments and trees. The news came by and did an interview for Christmas Day and friends added ornaments to the new tree.

Shopping was tough, everywhere you look there was something that you would like to get for Megan or Kendall. Funny how the strangest things can make you start crying in the middle of Target.

However, we are blessed. We have many things to be thankful for and our Children and Grandchildren are blessings. I miss the girls though. I sit in the nursery in the rocking chair where I rocked that baby girl, or I lay on Megan's bed where the pillows we made together sit. I think of the silly conversations we would have either late at night or early in the morning.

Wade gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas, it is two hearts, one inside the other. My sister gave us two sets of windchimes with the girls names engraved, one set for the porch and one for the cemetary so they will be in both places. My students went in together and gave a day at the spa! Can you believe that? How amazing.

I won teacher of the year at our school. It was announced on Dec 21, our last day. Now I move on to the city wide competition.

That is a lot of babble. I love you girls.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well the tree was not returned even after the paper did a story on it, wishful thinking huh? We bought a new tree and some more solar lights and ornaments and I put it out today. Jonathan brought two small heart ornaments and added them to the tree. It is pretty.

The weather is all messed up, it was 70 today, what is up with that? It was 40 a couple days ago. I am hoping for cold on Christmas Day.

I am hoping to catch up on emails and letters over my school break, I cannot seem to get anything done lately and am seldom logged on to catch up.

I hope everyone has a very happy holiday.

I love you girls

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec 13th The good and the bad.

It is a Girl! Shannon and Christopher are expecting a baby girl in April. Her name is Madison Renay. How wonderful!

We painted cookies last weekend. It is something we have done every year since Trisha was born. It was a tough night as last year we had talked about having a new painter this year (Kendall). But we enjoyed each other and talked about Megan and Kendall.

Kendall is 10 months old today. There is a candle lighting tonight at the funeral home, we are going. It will be emotional I know.

We put a tree at Megan and Kendall's grave, I think I told you, with solar lights and ornaments. There was a baby's first Christmas bear and glass balls and Shannon had a friend make some zebra balls. It was beautiful. I say "was" because someone STOLE it. Can you believe that? We were out there Sunday evening and sometime between then and Wednesday morning someone took it. I am so mad and hurt.

I miss you girls, I love you so much.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

December 2, 2007

We received 3 inches of snow on Thanksgiving Day. What a wonderful surprise. I think it saved us. I have no idea what the day would have been like if we sat inside and just thought. Instead, we had a snowball fight at 11 am and again at 3. I am telling you that I was so sore the next day, that was a workout, but it was a life saver. In my heart I feel like Megan sent the snow for me, silly huh? We made snow ice cream and built a snowman and talked about the last snow when Megan and I were home alone. We made snow angels that day and had a blast outside throwing snow at one another.

The boys loved it, even little Caden held a snowball and ran around. It was a magical time outside.

December is here and already things are tough. Funny how "normal" things make you cry. I went to buy Christmas cards, I do every year, and it was tough because I did not agree with any of the ones that said joy, happy, etc....

We got a new roof. We had a big leak in the kitchen and the roofer said to call the insurance and sure enough they paid to replace the entire roof. It looks nice. Now the workers will be here tomorrow to start on the inside. It will look like a new kitchen and laundry room when we are done. We were going to paint the kitchen this summer, and Megan and I had been talking colors and themes already so we are going with her idea. The walls will be a navy type blue and the color theme will be browns and blues. I really think it will look neat.
Thank you all for the continued support. The calls, emails, letters and cards keep us going. The love and support are unbelieveable. I hope one day I can help someone as much as you all have helped me.