Saturday, December 13, 2008

Thanksgiving turned out to be a beautiful day. We took family photos as always. Remember last year we took them in the snow! How fun that was. We enjoyed the day and remembered the girls. In the photo you see some of our many blessings.

Trisha's baby shower was last weekend. It was lovely. How wonderful that we have that new baby girl to look forward to.

We had the first meeting of our compassionate friends chapter. Our charter was approved and we are getting organized. This weekend is the Memorial Candle Lighting. As one dad told me, you never want to be a member, but it is wonderful that we have others to talk to.

I am working really hard on finding that happy place. The hole in my life has been very prominent in the past weeks. I am told this is "normal" for the stage that I am in. I really do not like the word "normal" anymore.

I love you girls.