Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Red White and Blue Craft

As I was reading a blog this morning I came across these mason jars on Holy Craft

I knew I wanted to try them out.  I did not have any painters tape on hand, so the lines are not perfect, and if I tried it again I would use a stencil for the stars and not free hand them.  But over all I really like how they look.  

So even though she doesn't know me, thanks to "Holy Craft" for the idea.

Love you girls

Life continues

Since I fell off the face of the earth, ummm not really, just the computer desk, life has continued.   We returned from the beach this month.   Such a relaxing break from everyday life.   I love sitting and watching the waves, I can loose track of time just watching.  

We replaced the flowers on the crosses Sunday Morning, the anniversary of our loss.  

We had a wonderful thunderstorm about 3 am this morning, love the rain, we need it for sure.

Some happenings from June:  Love this photo

Father's Day celebration:

Love you girls