Monday, May 25, 2009

We are making beach plans! The kids are excited! I bought the helium tank today so we can release balloons on the beach for Megan's birthday. We have plans to take sand castle lessons that day and then have a dinner out. Here are some photos from last year at the beach. I love the beach.

I Love you Girls

Sunday, May 17, 2009

We are the Champions!

My grandson and his baseball team are the champions! Woo Hoo. After a hard fought final game they won the 1st place trophy for the mid-cities season. We had so very much fun!

Oh and the Mother's Day gifts! I had each of the kids make a garden stone for their moms. We took photos as they did them and put them in frames to go along with the stones. They were a hit. The boys were so very excited to give their mom a handmade gift. I guess I am going to have to start thinking about next year. We did manage to get a Madison print, oops but no photo since it took both of us to hold her. Here are the photos:

What is funny is that the night before we went over to Christopher's house and Tyler took me by the hand and said come see Nana, and he showed me a handprint stone he and Madison had made, and he said it's for you. :) Guess he didn't get the surprise thing huh?
I love you girls.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

It has been 101 weeks. 707 days.......sounds like a long time. Some days it feels like yesterday I was holding Kendall and talking to Megan, I still miss them so very much. Yet look at how much has happened in those 707 days. We have welcomed two new little girls into our immediate family. Madison Renay and Megan Lea. (Megan would have been so very excited to have two little nieces! ) We have celebrated birthdays and holidays, planted trees, got a new roof and helped Christopher and Shannon move into a new home. I have changed jobs and we have new vehicles.

Wade's cousin had her baby a few days ago. She is a beautiful little girl. Her grandma is so very excited! About time she got to be grandma and she is also going to be one again this fall! How exciting! And another baby coming along in our lives, Megan's friend Tonia came by last night. She had her sonogram yesterday and it is a girl! She is so very excited. Babies are so wonderful, such a miracle gift from God.

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. What a wonderful day to be able to celebrate. We helped the boys make gifts for their moms! How much fun we had. I will post the photos later, just in case the mom's peek at this before tomorrow.
If you are a parent you will realize that you keep time in your head by your children. What I mean is that you will remember when something was because you know it happened when Christopher was seven or just after Trisha was born or we moved when Megan was two. My time has now been altered.

I Love you girls.