Sunday, September 21, 2008

My children are wonderful. They (along with Wade) bought me a new camera for my birthday. They bought me a Canon Rebel, but gave me the receipt also so I could trade if I wanted to. I played with it and talked to a few people and I did trade it. I got a Sony, it is more point and shoot, but has all the lenses also--kind of an inbetween if there is one. I love it. I love the zoom and the motion and it has an amazing night/dusk feature.

I am having a hard day today. Why? couldn't tell ya, but it is one of those up-down emotion days. Megan was in my dreams last night. She was helping me clean house. How weird is that. We were having such a good time. She was carrying Kendall around with her.

We celebrated our 28th anniversary last week. We had the whole family over and some friends. It was good.

Shannon has been coming over to work on the kid's scrapbooks, that has been good for me as it allows me to scrap without becoming overwhelmed.

I love you girls

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Anonymous said...

A belated Birthday and Anniversary Wish to you and Wade, we think of you so often. I love you all, Charlotte