Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Beach!

We had a wonderful time at the beach. There is something about just sitting by the ocean that is so carefree. Of course I have photos! Only about 150 ....maybe more?? So you won't see them all here, but I will post many over the next few days.

This is Tyler, the first day we arrived, he could not wait to jump in. And Madison loved the beach. She would run into the water just up to her knees and then run out. I bet she ran in circles for an hour or more. It was too cute.

For Megan's birthday we had sandcastle lessons. It was too cool. We all made castles and people kept stopping to look at them. Then we released balloons with messages. We all went out to dinner and had a great time. Our waiter was a goofy "dude". As in he was kinda outta here. But the food was good. Here are a couple of castle photos:

More later...
I Love You Girls


Anonymous said...

Oh, I have been waiting for these! I have been thinking of you guys so much the past couple of weeks. We will be in your "neighborhood" (West Texas Neighborhood that is)within 10 days~we closed on the house today. When we get settled, I would love for you all to come over and bring pictures! BTW yummy kiddos!

Cheryl said...

I have been so excited to hear about it...the Beach is my fave place too. I love the sound of the water, it is so soothing. The sand castle building looked like great fun. I am anxiously awaiting more great beach photos!