Monday, July 13, 2009

Well,I guess the beach updates got lost in the shuffle of life, but that is okay. We had a grand time and are already planning for next year. Here are couple of photos:

Man it is hot outside! Kinda makes you just want to stay indoors and veg out. We had Brent's b-day this weekend. Wade grilled trout and we had lots of food! It must have been good, because there wasn't really anything leftover. When we started lighting the candles on the cake, Tyler started singing happy birthday, so about the time he finished the song, the neighbor boy who was here just blew out the candles! LOL It was too funny, we had to light them again and sing for Brent to blow them out. ( You may of had to be here to understand how funny this was?)

I Love you Girls

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Love the pictures!