Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Megan

As always we spent Megan's birthday at the beach.  We celebrated with lighted balloons and champagne on the beach.  This year we celebrated her 25th birthday.  It is still such a struggle for me.  I try to hide it, and I do a good job, but I still cry.  I miss her so very much. 
I know she is thrilled that she gets us all together for a family vacation.  Family times were important to her. 
We took sand castle lessons again this year.  Such fun!  I love playing in the sand.
I love you girls


Shelly Wilson said...

always in my prayers sweet friend

Javier Sosa said...

I'm usually passing by Resthaven going to a job site. On my only day off two days ago, I visit Megan and Kendall resting place. I have known Megan since Jr, high and my memories of her was that she always had a big smile on her face whenever she would walk down the hallways to class. There was this one time on Valentine Day, school was over and I was heading home when Megan suddenly appear out of know. We exchange conversation before I asked her if she gotten anything for valentine. She said no, so I handle her a red rose. To my surprise she jump up and gave me a big bear hug. Before I left Resthaven, I place a red rose by her name and promise to come visit more often.
If you would like to exchange stories about Megan someday, here is my Cell number 432-634-2960 I look forward to hearing them :)