Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dec 13th The good and the bad.

It is a Girl! Shannon and Christopher are expecting a baby girl in April. Her name is Madison Renay. How wonderful!

We painted cookies last weekend. It is something we have done every year since Trisha was born. It was a tough night as last year we had talked about having a new painter this year (Kendall). But we enjoyed each other and talked about Megan and Kendall.

Kendall is 10 months old today. There is a candle lighting tonight at the funeral home, we are going. It will be emotional I know.

We put a tree at Megan and Kendall's grave, I think I told you, with solar lights and ornaments. There was a baby's first Christmas bear and glass balls and Shannon had a friend make some zebra balls. It was beautiful. I say "was" because someone STOLE it. Can you believe that? We were out there Sunday evening and sometime between then and Wednesday morning someone took it. I am so mad and hurt.

I miss you girls, I love you so much.


Anonymous said...
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Rina said...


Just dropping in to say that and thinking of you and your family. Congratulations on the news of the baby girl on the way. Can't wait to see her. So sorry someone stole the ornaments from the girls gravesite. HUGS

Anonymous said...

I am so sad.. That is just the most meanest thing I have ever heard someone doing. I did crazy stuff and stole stuff as a teenager.. But never have I or would I steal from a grave.. I am truly. Sorry.. Just pray for them and say to your self.. That they must have really needed a tree.. again I am sorry and been thinking of you!!