Saturday, December 29, 2007

Wow. There are wonderful people in this world. The kind of people that everyone should strive to be. On Christmas eve the doorbell rang and the fed-ex guy was there. What on earth did I order that I forgot about. Nothing. It was a gift for us. We received flowers and I received a wonderful "spa" sleigh from a group of ladies that I have never met. How wonderful. There are not words that can express our thanks.

December 22 was 6 months. That is the magic time frame that all the literature says I should start feeling human again. I guess they missed the fact that 6 months might occur near Christmas. One of the ladies I talk to , she lost her daughter 9 years ago, said that they just skipped the holidays. We did not feel that was an option because of the grandkids. How could they understand us taking Christmas from them. So we forged ahead. With limited decor and lots of crying. The loss of the tree added to the un-joy. How could someone? The community again showed us that the "grinch" could not take away the holiday. We were blessed with offers of ornaments and trees. The news came by and did an interview for Christmas Day and friends added ornaments to the new tree.

Shopping was tough, everywhere you look there was something that you would like to get for Megan or Kendall. Funny how the strangest things can make you start crying in the middle of Target.

However, we are blessed. We have many things to be thankful for and our Children and Grandchildren are blessings. I miss the girls though. I sit in the nursery in the rocking chair where I rocked that baby girl, or I lay on Megan's bed where the pillows we made together sit. I think of the silly conversations we would have either late at night or early in the morning.

Wade gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas, it is two hearts, one inside the other. My sister gave us two sets of windchimes with the girls names engraved, one set for the porch and one for the cemetary so they will be in both places. My students went in together and gave a day at the spa! Can you believe that? How amazing.

I won teacher of the year at our school. It was announced on Dec 21, our last day. Now I move on to the city wide competition.

That is a lot of babble. I love you girls.


Martha ~ xpetunia said...

I'm glad to see you posting and sharing your thoughts. The flowers are beautiful! Though it was hard, I'm glad you made it through the Holidays. Many blessings to you Teresa, and lots of SG hugs!!!

Jen said...

The flowers are beautiful. I hope they were able to give you a smile. As Martha said, lots of SG hugs!!

Lil Tinker said...

Can I vote? I think you need teacher of the year Nation wide! My heart is with you as you deal with your loss. I lost my son 18 years ago and to this day I feel him and miss him. It never goes away but I promise it gets easier and instead of pain you remember the laughter and the sweetness.

Many Hugs to you,

bobbie said...

Love & hugs, Teresa ~ and very many congratulations on the "Teacher of the Year"!
bobbie from SG

hepmomto3 said...

Glad they made it on time. You are in all our prayers and thoughts. XXOO Glad you and the grandkids were able to enjoy each other on the holidays. Congrats on the teacher award!!!

Anonymous said...

They look lovely... I hope they helped during this tough time... Congrats on the Teacher of the year!! And what great students you have.. how lovely a day at the spa can be.. XoXo

Rina said...

Congrats on teacher of the year.

Anonymous said...

You guys have been on my mind~congrats on teacher of the year, we are so proud of you. sending each of you blessings and love, charlotte