Sunday, May 18, 2008

The kids and Wade went in together and bought me a charm bracelet for Mother's Day. They each gave me a charm that had meaning and then also the double heart for Megan and Kendall. Yesterday we went to the mall and Wade chose two more charms for me. The mother daughter one and a heart that will have M on one side and K on the other.

Sarah, Sara and Rachel came to see me this week. How wonderful to see them. We just sat and talked about memories. It was awesome.

School will be out soon, lucky for me that I have inservice many times this summer, I think it will help keep me busy. I am afraid of what would happen if I had nothing I HAD to do.

Jonathan's tournament for little league started last night. It was great. They won their game 21 to 7. So we continue on in the tournament. We play again on Tuesday.

Roxie is doing well, (the cat that swallowed the stamp) so is eating again and acting sorta of like herself.

The beach is coming up soon. I need to make a list of things so I won't forget them and I need to make plans for Megan's birthday.

I love you girls.

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Shell said...

Would love to see your bracelet, it's amazing how those little charms tell such big stories. I have some great paper and stamps for your little leaguer... the paper is Game On