Friday, February 13, 2009

Today is Kendall's birthday

Today Kendall would be Two! I should be decorating a cake and helping with party plans. I have tried to stay busy this week, but somehow I still am in a funk. It seems like it is constantly in the front of my mind. I realize that this is how it is, but I wish I could just turn it off for a while. It is so mentally exhausting to feel so sad. I guess it is a sign that I am starting to accept and learn to live that I don't want to be so sad, but I am not really sure it will ever go away.

There are so very many things going on right now that I have plenty to keep myself busy, or you would think. Lots of news. Of course Megan Lea is here, she arrived on January 26. It was sort of an "emergency cesarean" not in the sense that it happened in the emergency room, but Trisha went in to the office and they said we are doing this now. She called about 3 and they put her in a bed and at 5 they were heading to the operation room so it was fast and furious. Megan arrived at 36 weeks weighing 6 lbs 7 oz and 19 inches long. She is so pretty! She had a little trouble with her breathing at first, but she is fine. The boys love having a little sister.

My son and his wife are buying a new house. It is awesome! They are going to be painting this weekend and then have carpet laid before they move in. Talk about a lot to do. They are going to be working hard!

Happy Birthday Kendall!

I love you girls.


Cheryl said...

I know that was a hard day for you, although everyday must be a struggle and I am so sorry for your pain. Thank goodness there is some joy in those beautiful grandsons and granddaughters! They are all blessings, and so beautiful-every one of them. We love you!

Jen said...

Sending you big hugs and know that you're still in our thoughts!

Geri said...

Awe honey, hugs to you . . . I hope your "good" days are getting more and more frequent.

Shell said...

sending you prayers of strength and comfort. Love you muchly, Shell