Friday, April 17, 2009

too cute

We had a wonderful Easter weekend. We dyed Easter Eggs, Trek asked " When are we gonna kill the eggs?" I was wondering until I realized that we were going to "dye" them. (guess he puts kill and die together) LOL

Trisha said maybe it was because we were going to "hunt" them and he realizes when you go hunting you "kill" something. :)

Madison turned one over the weekend and she is just too cute. She discovered chocolate foil eggs in the boy's Easter baskets and proceded to help herself, until Christopher discovered her.

I Love you Girls


Anonymous said...

looks like 'someone' is her fathers daughter! cute and messy!
love you guys!

Jason Hickerson said...

Your grandkids are soo cute. We are going to have a barbeque when we get home in july. I hope you and your family can come. It's been a long time!