Thursday, September 13, 2007

Today is....

Today is many things. I have been married for 27 years today. How wonderful it is that I have him. That makes this a good day.

Today Kendall would be 7 months old. She would be starting to crawl and have even more personality. That makes this a bad day.

Tomorrow will be 12 weeks. I talked to an old friend the other day. She lost her son a few years ago. She told me that when I make the 1 year mark it will feel like a victory. I have a long way to go.

I thank God everyday for all those who continue to pray for us. The ones who call just to say "hey I was thinking of you", those that ask "how is today" all the while understanding that it may lead to a lengthy babble, we are so fortunate to have so very many people who are keeping us going.

I miss my girls, I love them so very much.

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Martha ~ xpetunia said...

I hope you can enjoy your anniversary today! Many BIG {{{HUGS}}} to you!