Monday, June 16, 2008

I don't think I really expected to feel so much this week. It is like the weight is back on my chest and I cannot breathe. I know it is the calendar looming over me. I am reliving that morning over and over again. That part had faded, it was not a daily review in my mind and now that is back. Him asking "Are you Mrs. Bryant?" me replying not with an answer to his question, but with a "who's hurt?".
him: " Do you have a daughter named Megan?"
me: "where is she, lets go"
him: "I am sorry ma'am, she did not make it"
me: not breathing, "Where is the baby?"
him: " I'm sorry I understand neither one of them made it"
me: screaming
After that I have few memories of what happened for a couple of weeks. There are bits and parts, and people have told me things, guess that is how your body survives.

I am back to survival, one day at a time. I know Megan and Kendall are watching over us, I know that she sends us signs that she is there. I know she is telling me that they are okay.

I love you girls.

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hepmomto3 said...

((((((((hugs))))))))))) You are in my thoughts and prayers, especially this week.