Tuesday, August 14, 2007

August 14th, 2007

We went out to the salvage yard today to see what if anything was in Megan's car. We got her sunglasses and a few other items. The lady was so very nice there. They have her car sealed up with plastic so they had to cut it off and will put it back on again.

Inservice is starting back up so my days have been busy, it helps to keep my mind occupied. Yesterday was a hard day since Kendall would have been 6 months old. What a special age. I called to check on the girl's marker, seems it will still be a while longer before it is shipped.

Trisha and her family have been ill with a stomach virus so I have not seen the boys since Friday. I miss them. Tyler came over for a while yesterday and played, he is growing up so fast.

I love you girls.

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Anonymous said...

Teresa, I know that must of been a hard thing to do! I am here or you... Just holler!! ((((hugs))))