Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life is crazy

Well, it appears that I will be starting rabies shots tomorrow. Since I was bitten by a stray cat on the 14th and there has been no luck at finding it, the doctor says we need to get started. Sounds like tons of fun.

School inservice is going well, we have been getting alot done in prep for the new year.

Lots of rain the last couple days. Made the grass grow again. All the rain we have had has been so wonderful for the yards and parks. Everything is green.

Busy week coming up. Besides starting shots, the probate hearing is on Tuesday, My daugther-in-laws birthday is Wednesday and Caden turns one on Friday.

It has been 8 weeks now, I still re-live the moment many times a day, like a movie playing in my head. I still feel like I go through my day pretending. I miss them so very much. Sometimes I feel them here, sometimes I hear them, sometimes I think I am nuts.
You are both so beautiful. I love you girls.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about hearing them. I also know how it is to be reminded of the lost ones. It is little things. Like my Dad' favorite foods. ((((hugs))))) What beautiful pictures of Megan and Kendall!!

Martha ~ xpetunia said...

They ARE both beautiful girls. Megan has such an inviting smile; I bet she was a very friendly and happy girl. Just reading your warm thoughts about both girls makes ME miss them and I've never met them. But one day I will - in Heaven. I'm sure I'll see you there too friend!

hepmomto3 said...

Beautiful pictures. (((hugs))) I'll be sending extra P&PT your way this week. You've got a lot going on.