Tuesday, July 3, 2007

July 3, 2007

One of my favorite photos. Megan's first Mothers Day.
So here is my first post. Who knows what I might have to say or how often I might say it. I know that I relive that day hundreds of times each waking moment. People tell me that I should take one day at a time, actually it is one minute at a time. How can this be real?

Everyone has been wonderful. The outpouring of love from everyone we know and even some we don't has been wonderful. Megan and Kendall touched so very many lives. Megan was beautiful inside and out. She was always kind to anyone she met.

I am going to call the tattoo man today. I am going to have a tattoo in memory of Megan and Kendall. It is my first and yes I am scared it will hurt. Her circle of friends are going to have one done too.

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Aleta1314 said...

Hope your blogging helps you heal. Big {{HUGS}} to you and your family!