Wednesday, July 4, 2007

July 4th, 2007

Well I did it. I got my tattoo. It is two hearts, one a bit smaller than the other one, overlapped. I tried to take a photo, but it comes out really dark, might have to try taking one outside. And yes it did hurt. The outline not so much, but when he was "coloring" them in, Ouch. Of course I am a big baby too.

More flowers were delivered yesterday. How wonderful everyone is. Megan and Kendall received around 200 plants and flower arrangements. How wonderful is that?!
Yesterday afternoon I had a thought, I am going to make it. I know that sounds funny, but I don't think I was sure before that.

Took care of more insurance stuff yesterday. They are being so wonderful and patient with me. I am sure they have had to explain stuff ten times.

We talk about Megan and Kendall daily, I miss them so much. When I stand in the nursery I have such happy thoughts. I found Megan's jacket that she wore a couple weeks ago. It smells like her.
Here is a wonderful photo of Kendall. She was so happy.


Geri said...

I hope you are doing ok. I love the heart tattoo ... what a great way to keep your precious angels near you.

RobinC said...

It's great that you got a tattoo to remember your girls. You've been in my thoughts lots lately.