Sunday, July 22, 2007

A month

Today was one month. Some moments it seems like yesterday. We had everyone over this evening and Wade made one of Megan's favorite meals. He makes wonderful chinese style food and Megan would always call her friends to come over and eat with us.

It was a tough day. We stayed busy, or tried too, and we talked about the girls. People called and brought over cards, it was a day to remember.

We have a meeting with the department of transportation on Tuesday. I was told they said it is not cost effective to make trucks stop at the intersection and we are proposing that they put up at least a four way stop there. People we don't even know have suggested putting up stop lights. It will be an interesting meeting.

Megan and Kendall are everywhere I look. They are always with me. I know they are. I am hoping that I can live a life that Megan would be proud of.

I cannot tell you how glad I am that I take photos all the time. Megan and Kendall, 3 days old.


Geri said...

I am glad you are meeting with the department of transportation. Hopefully, it will lead to some changes in the future that could possibly save someone's life later. Be patient, these things take time and there can be red tape... persistance pays off. My first husband was killed by a drunk driver - (many moons ago) -- the intersection where the accident was had several previous accidents. There was a blinking light... now there is a regular traffic light... in addition to that, there was a lot of vegatation and over growth and a ton of old political signs - that corner is not cleaned up so cars can see what is coming. It took years to get it to this point ... but I do feel it has possibly saved someones life.
Anyway, I guess I got to rambling about something 2 decades old to let you know if you don't meet with success at the transportation office, hang in there... keep going back... go highers... talk to your representatives and get them to fight with/for you.
Hang in there!
Much love!

Anonymous said...

I hope things will move along. Just so sad a tragic thing had to happen, for people to make a change. I am so glad you had family and friends over. Sharing the memories.. I am here for you.. XoXo Bee!!

Aleta1314 said...

Still thinking of you! You haven't posted in awhile (I check just about every day) so hopefully you are just busy. I can't even imagine how hard this day was for you but know that you are in my prayers.
BIG HUGS Teresa!!!1

Martha ~ xpetunia said...

You haven't posted in nearly a week... you hanging in there? Lots of hugs and prayers for you...